So the beer page is finally done. It took a while to source all the Irish craft beers but it seems worth it now that I finally get to open and sample them. FYI the 2 best places to get some I found were Hollands of Bray and Redmonds in Ranelagh. SLÁINTE! Advertisements

My giant/monster content page – DONE! Most of the research is done from reading long threads of You can’t beat them! Its true to life, those are real people complaining, suggesting, arguing about advantages or disadvantages of different type of navigation in Dublin. Graphics are mostly free or under creative license distribution signs found […]

Irish people are obsessed with the weather and despite us not living in the Mediterranean we live in constant hope that the sun will shine, and are perpetually disappointed when it doesn’t.  It seems when we talk about the weather it is nearly always about rain.  While researching this page I found 21 different Irish words […]

Hooray! Quirky names page is 100% full. I came up with the idea and can’t believe it was so obvious! The thing is that we couldn’t possibly collect all the road signs/names of all those weird names all over Ireland. The task was then to integrate those names from Google maps. I didn’t want to […]

‘I’ was originally supposed to be for the island of Ireland but while researching the idea I found it’s been done and done and therefore switched to the Irish language. Although everyone here speaks English, Irish is the official first language of Ireland and is still spoken in the ‘Gaeltachts’ around the country represented in […]

I would do it for living. Seriously. To make the speech shorter: I finished it, uploaded to the web page, waiting for the repins and retwitts. Here is a lil spoiler: Other stuff: implemented fading  :hover over the clickable images. (It increases and facilitates interaction of user and content on the page & looks great!) […]

“Leinster House in Dublin was originally built as a private home for the Duke of Leinster. At that time, the most fashionable part of Dublin was the North Side and he was asked why he was building on the South Side. He said ‘Where I go, fashion follows me!’ ….and to this day the most […]